“I had the opportunity to hear Andrei give a recital and it was one of the best I have heard on guitar. He was equally at home playing works of Bach and Rodrigo, as he was performing arrangements of 1970s-80s jazz standards.”

-Mark Fewer


Born in Suceava, Romania, Andrei Burdeti left at an early age with his family to relocate in Canada. His captivation with the classical guitar began at the age of 16 when he heard its sounds for the first time on recordings. From that moment on, he commenced formal musical studies in Montreal with Claude Reid at L’École de Musique Vincent D’Indy (DEC) and subsequently with Dr. Garry Antonio at the McGill Schulich School of Music. In 2010, he left Montreal to continue his training at the Johns Hopkins’ Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore where he studied with Ray Chester and Manuel Barrueco, earning his Doctor of Musical Arts in 2016. In addition, Dr. Burdeti received influential coachings from world-class guitarists such as Rémi Boucher, Olivier Chassain, William Kanengiser and Scott Tenant, to name a few.


Dr. Burdeti holds a special affinity with the guitar music of Canadian composer, Jacques Hétu. In recent seasons, he has performed his complete guitar works. His doctoral document and defence investigated the complete organic processes at work in Hétu’s guitar music by looking at the composer’s methodology, melody, motive and rhythm. 


Dr. Burdeti performs regularly in solo concerts throughout North America and Europe. As a former member of the McGill Guitar Quartet, he has performed, directed, and written his own arrangements for the quartet. Since 2014, he also performs in his own guitar and piano ensemble known as the Burdeti Duo. 


As a teacher, Dr. Burdeti has developed over the years a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between physiology and technical aspects of guitar playing, blending all this into an artistic approach to music interpretation. His goal as a mentor is to ensure his students will have the necessary tools to play guitar with ease, expressivity, and pleasure. From 2005 to 2010, he maintained a private guitar studio in Montreal, as well as provided teaching services to private music schools in the area. During his time at the Peabody Conservatory, he was Professor Ray Chester’s teaching assistant, leading guitar studio classes and providing invaluable feedback to students. Dr. Burdeti currently maintains a busy performing and teaching career based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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